Friday, 14 July 2017

YOU GOT IT WRONG - Dr Mike Neville

The aim of this blog is to highlight persons in the media who tout the chemical imbalance theory as a fact. It's highly unprofessional and misleading to do so and this blog demands that any statements relating to the 'chemical imbalance' myth should either be backed up with supporting evidence or redacted.

Where possible, each person featured on this blog has been contacted via Twitter, email, and/or Facebook and asked to redact their statements or provide supporting evidence.

Once supporting evidence has been shown they will be removed from this blog. Moreover, if they redact their original statements they will also be removed from this blog.

As you will see from these lists, many of the authors are household names and influence those who follow them. This has to stop. The chemical imbalance line was created by the pharmaceutical industry, moreover, Eli Lilly, who launched the first of the SSRIs, Prozac.

Those featured on this list need to do their research.

Bob Fiddaman (Author of the Fiddaman Blog)

Dr Mike Neville

Dr Mike Neville is a forensic psychiatrist who has practiced for more than 40 years in The Bahamas, working at Sandilands, the prison and in private practice

Article Mental Health Of The Nation: How Chemical Imbalances In The Brain Cause Depression

Quote “In this illness called depression there are not enough chemicals so the messages do not flow properly and as the brain controls the whole body everything goes out of balance. This explains the wide range of symptoms that may occur; from feelings of depression that gave the illness its name to headaches or stomach upsets. It is like one imbalance sets off another like cascading dominoes running through your body. The neurochemical imbalance may be small or very marked and, in this way, resembles diabetes or hypertension. The same concept is true for depressive illness: a slight imbalance can be solved by positive thinking and lifestyle changes. A more marked imbalance will need some form of talking therapy to help correct these chemical imbalances. 

Publication Tribune 242

Read what the experts say HERE


  1. Thank you very much for exposing the continued misinformation about the "chemical imbalance" theory. This is very important.

  2. Dr. Mike Neville - your statements are outrageous - filled with untruths. You should be ashamed of yourself, telling the public - who trust and look up to you as a pillar of truth - a string of untruths. Terrible stuff Dr. Neville.


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