Monday, 6 April 2020

YOU GOT IT WRONG - Leah McSweeney

The aim of this blog is to highlight persons in the media who tout the chemical imbalance theory as a fact. It's highly unprofessional and misleading to do so and this blog demands that any statements relating to the 'chemical imbalance' myth should either be backed up with supporting evidence or retracted.

Where possible, each person featured on this blog has been contacted via Twitter, email, and/or Facebook and asked to retract their statements or provide supporting evidence.

Once supporting evidence has been shown they will be removed from this blog. Moreover, if they retract their original statements they will also be removed from this blog.

As you will see from these lists, many of the authors are household names and influence those who follow them. This has to stop. The chemical imbalance line was created by the pharmaceutical industry, moreover, Eli Lilly, who launched the first of the SSRIs, Prozac.

Those featured on this list need to do their research.

Bob Fiddaman (Author of the Fiddaman Blog)


Leah McSweeney

Leah McSweeney is an American fashion designer who is the founder and CEO of Married to the Mob, a female fashion line. McSweeney has been featured in many publications and makes regular contributions on other media platforms.

Quote: “Sometimes I wonder, who would I be without this chemical imbalance? Maybe this intensity my brain, body and being feels is what makes me who I am… For whatever reason — maybe all the drugs I did as a teenager — this is the way my brain functions. Or maybe my brain was always like this and I was using the drugs at a young age to medicate.”

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